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At RES, we are constantly learning and growing! It’s not unusual to hear agents sharing their most recent podcast find, or the tools that they gained from something they are reading. We know that when you fill your mind you gain things worth offering to others, and as a solution oriented brokerage, we are constantly looking for ways to grow and inspire those around us grow.

Megan Gallamore, Realtor ®
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"At RES their support, training, and resources have been instrumental in my success. Along with administrative and legal support that streamlined transactions, making my job easier. Overall, RES has been the best thing for my real estate career."

- Megan Gallamore

“RES holds agents to high standards. The trainings are incredible and prepared me well for my first transaction. Having direct access to our leaders and being surrounded by smart, creatively seasoned agents is what I owe my first year’s success to.”

- Carson Frankum
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